Dog camera treat dispense to monitor and check up on your pet
Dog camera treat dispense to monitor and check up on your pet
Dog camera treat dispense to monitor and check up on your pet
Dog camera treat dispense to monitor and check up on your pet
Dog camera treat dispense to monitor and check up on your pet
Dog camera treat dispense to monitor and check up on your pet
Dog camera treat dispense to monitor and check up on your pet

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Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

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dog food dispenser to improve intelligence

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Easy set up: Unpack -> Plug in to power outlet -> Download the APP (iOS, Android and Amazon App Store -> Add Device and Connect to WiFi. Now, enjoy your new Smart Pet(Dog/Cat) Camera FUN and Interactive TREAT DISPENSER & TOSSING: Have fun time with tossing a treat to your dog(s)/cat(s) via the APP. Move fun? You even could have your recording voice via APP when tossing a treat. Let your dog(s)/cat(s) feel you are around while you are away from your home. 1080P Camera and Auto Night Vision: you can see your pet clearly day and night. With live HD video streaming to monitor your pet anytime when you are on the go 2-Way Audio: Built-in high-quality microphone and speaker for easy and clear two-way audio. Allow you to enjoy play or treat your lovely dog(s)/cat(s) with their favorite food or snack. You could also use smart pet(dog/cat) camera as surveillance device while you are away to see what’s happening in your home, talk with your family members, or scare of Burglar(s) or intruder(s) Advanced Motion Detection & Dog Bark Alert: Compatible with iOS 7.0 or Android 5.0 and above. Strong WiFI signal are recommended for best performance. Support both 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi signal.

Clients reviews

Nick Color: Black

I love this cute little treat machine! My cats know the sound and run right in view of the camera when they hear it. I got this cause I missed my cats while I was on vacation and wished I could give them treats. This fixed my sad little heart! Now I can give them treats, talk to them, and see them run to the camera. I love the little suction cups on the bottom of the device that keep it from being knocked over easily! Which my cats try to do

Marlene Color: White

When I travel, I only have someone coming over to give wet food and treats to my cat every other day, or sometimes more. I bought this device almost 3 months ago and I am so happy! I can throw treats to my cat when I’m traveling and I see how much she enjoys it. The treats compartment has good capacity and it will be good for 2 or more weeks. It works very well most part of the time and I absolutely recommend it. The voice recording works pretty well, but I don’t use it since my cat gets anxious for listening to my voice and not finding me. The motion detections I also don’t use because it triggers too frequently. A few things worth improving: I think it takes a bit too long to connect, and the video recording feature crashes quite frequently, and we lose the video that was being recorded. The quality of the pictures is not great, but I don’t find it a big deal, since the device works very well in dispensing treats and allowing me to see my cat when I’m away.

Bush Color: Black

Great product!

Katlyn Color: White

Easy to install, works great, good value!

Oscar Color: White

I use this product for my two cats because i live alone and go away on weekends sometimes. It gives me a sense of security and peace of mind to see them and know theyre okay. I positioned it to show most of one room and because of the microphone if they here me talking they will come so i can see them even if they werent already in the room. I can also hear them which is nice. The treat function is also cool. The night function and motion sense are both good. I will say that the new update to the app you must download to go along with the camera isnt my favorite. I can only talk or listen not both at one time. Thats just a small bug though and depending on why you want it it might not even matter to you. The app is pretty easy to install and sink to the device as well is the device to hook up to the internet. It took me about 30-45 minutes to do and i suck at technology. Overall, totally worth it for less than $100. No regrets. I’ve had it about three months. Photo of my two cats this past month to show picture quality.

Alice Color: Black

Works great. I can put all kinds of different small treats and it has dispensed all of them. Bluetooth works great. The biggest snack I’ve put in there is those Maro treats from Alpo and they come out just fine The noise it makes scares one of my dogs and she runs in the bedroom when she hears it but comes out later because she knows there will be a snack there. One of the other dogs recognizes the sound and comes to it. It’s fun. It makes me happy to give them treats while I’m at work.

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