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Dog Paw Cleaner
Dog Paw Cleaner
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Pet Paw Cleaner for Dogs & Cats

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. Gently removes dirt from your dog's paw in a easy way. No more struggling with your pup in the sink.
. No soap or chemicals are needed. This is ideal for dogs who have skin sensitivities.
. Helps thwart paw and soreness that is often caused salt and other foreign matter in the environment.

Cleaning dog paw Cleaning dog paw Cleaning dog paw

Clients reviews

Kathy Color: S Pink

The product is accurate. I love it !

Justin Color : L Blue

It helps me a lot with Max. I recommend this product

Dexter S. Color :L Pink

this is fun and genius.

K. Angel Color: S Pink

Cleans paws well! My girl poops in a circle so sometimes she steps in it. This cleans her paws completely! She's also a digger so I use it a lot for cleaning her muddy paws. Great idea!

Lucy M. Color : L Pink

Lots of fun !!
My pup has LARGE feet but I can see this is a useful tool for a smaller breed.

Reynolds Color : L Blue

Great Product!
It worked well for my 100lb lab. it made all the difference during the last rain in my area. it was a great purchase and I would very much recommend it to others

Becca Color : L Blue

Clean Feet!
Just moved to Michigan with my English Bulldog and just in time for the snow and slush. This product is a lifesaver. Keep it by the door with fresh water after each walk. The salt and chemicals on the sidewalks and street were irritating his feet. This takes care of the problem!

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